12 / 11 / 2011 MICHAEL Gear


NAMM Show 2011. Dave Smith and Roger Linn presenting an analog drum machine called the Tempest. It seems to be a machine with a similar workflow to the legendary AKAI MPC with the additive synthesis of Dave Smith's Evolver. It has pressure- and position-sensitive Note FX touch sliders and 16 velocity sensitive lit pads which can be used as trigger pads, as step programming pads as well as in 4 different pad functions which reminds us of the MPC's 16-levels feature. The groove engine is also similar to AKAI's drum machine legend, but goes step further as it allows to modulate swing settings in realtime.

Each of the 6 analog voices have 2 analog and 2 digital oscillators, an analog low-pass filter with audio-rate modulation, a high-pass filter, an analog VCA, 5 envelopes, 2 LFOs and a variety of analog modulations routings. In the main output section you will find a stereo distortion and a stereo compressor for giving the sound a final punch. The bright 256 x 64 dot display seems to allow you to get a good overview of what you are doing.

In my opinion the tempest is definitely a performance-oriented synthesizer and because it does not cover a very big spectrum of sounds. I actually wouldn't recommend it to artists who don't have at least a little collection of synthesizers. The tempest is expected to be in the shops in december 11 and will cost approximately €1750,-. Looking forward to the first test.


categorie Technology