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Leap Records is a new label founded by Florian Scheibein & Alexander Wirth. Both are no dark horses to the Viennese scene as we know them from legendary nights at "Stadtpark Musik" - Florian Scheibein also holds a residency at the famous "Pratersauna" club.
The first release on this lovely imprint is a 4 track EP starting off with a Tom Ellis tune - nice!
For me, the titbit comes from the labelheads themselves with "Material of Silence" (check the incredible visual experience below-->means video):
A timeless piece of house music, great arrangement, top notch sound and a humorous spoken word sample "i have nothing to say, but i am saying it" (J.C.): This will be the motto for the rest of my life i guess ;)
Well, having said this: Welcome to the world, Leap 001!

itunes pre-release will start on the 25th of november, for all those of you who are in Vienna that night - there is a release party as well (please visit the live section on our site for more information).

Leap Records
Tom Ellis

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