20 / 11 / 2011 NINJA Artist


Afta-1 aka Manuel Moran is a music producer from Los Angeles California. His eclectic way of beat making shows first in his sublime debut album 'Aftathoughts Vol.1' released back in 2008. Nu-Soul Magazine called the record "a beautiful amalgamation of blunted hip-hop beats, world music textures, and electronic effects".I am absolutely with them on this statement.

In his following album 'Forms' released in 2010 he is again using uplifting electronic hip-hop beats full of chattering percussion, world instruments, and cracking drum beats to tell his story.The album builds deftly from one track to the next creating a well rounded sound experience from beginning to end.

His recent EP release 'H(eye)land' was completely written by him in one week. This vibrating 4-track rhythmical escape features the soothing and sexy vocals of Nikko Gray. Listening to the EP makes me feel like getting transfered to a shoreside scenery,relaxing and enjoying the soulful art of his musical storytelling which grabs you and pulls you in no matter what you are doing in this moment.

very very very much recommended. I AM HOOKED!!!



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