12 / 12 / 2011 JERU Review


When I first heard their song 'paradise' a couple of years ago, I quickly realised that these guys are some of the most talented Mc's around. Cyne originally consists of Akin, Cise Star, Speck and Enoch, but according to some rumours Akin has left the group last year. And indeed: he did not appear on their latest release, the 57-minute-long mixtape 'wasteland volume 1'.
The release is definitely good. There are only a few but excellent rap parts from Cise Star on the mixtape,the rest consists of mainly dark sounding instrumentals.

For me it's a piece of qualitiy music and I hope in the near future, there will be more tracks released featuring Cise Star's excellent rap abilities.

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categorie Hip Hop / Rap