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It was about time, that one of last years uk bass anthems called 'swims' officially hit stores last week, on 11th of january. Both tracks on the EP are collaborations between Boddika, himself one half of Instra:mental, and his english compatriot Joy Orbison.
There was no way to escape from this banger on dancefloors all around the world in the last months,whenever one of the notorious uk bass and techno dons appeared with this exclusive EP in his pocket.
On the a-side there's the 'Mix1' version, which was widely spread in forums via different radiocuts. You'll hear this distinctive repetitive vocal-sample "Walk for me", that you can't get out of your head anymore after listening to it for the first time, accompanied by a hard-driving acid bassline and the very intense sounds of a good old cowbell, that gives this stomper some kind of a retro-touch.
The EP, that came on Loefah's Swamp 81 imprint, features two different mixdowns of the same tune. It contains the already mentioned 'Mix1', that fits perfect in the output Boddika is and was delivering throughout the whole last year.
But also Joy Orbison, probably better known by now for his more relaxed post-dubstep stuff, discovered his passion for acid sounds and released some very nice bits under his alias "Joy O".
He especially attracted a lot of attention with his "Wade In/Jels" release on Hotflush and "Sicko Cell", that enjoyed a real youtube hype in 2011.
You clearly recognize that Joy Orbison put his fingers on the flipside, the 'Mix2' version which has many similarities with his track "Wade In".

Personally speaking, I'm really happy about the alternative version on the EP. In my humble opinion it's a bit more interesting than the original, but regrettably seems to get a bit overlooked by that "killer-tune" everybody's talking about.
I didn't find a working stream for this one, but you can listen to a clip of 'Mix2' on nearly every website from all of the online music dealers out there.

So after months of waiting time for the release, this tune can be bagged now and I'm pretty sure we'll hear it not just once in the near future.

To sum up, I'd like to say that I really dig both tracks a lot, and even though I would not speak of a "timeless masterpieces" I do have got two more worthy weapons in my case now.

But form your own opinon about it...

Swamp 81

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