05 / 02 / 2012 FRY 


It has been a bit quiet around Camebridge based bass scientists Commix since the release of their brilliant debut album "Call to Mind" 4 years ago.
What followed was the critically acclaimed remix album "Re: Call to Mind" (2010) covering a lot of styles between dubstep, dub, techno and house with people like Burial, D-Bridge or Instra:mental on remix duty.
Now they are back, not with a comlplete new album, but a selection of the best unreleased cuts from 2003 - 2008 which easily stand the test of time.
Everything that made Commix to what they are known for today is thrown on there: sub bass-heavy, deep, melodic and minimalistic bits.
A lot of heads have been waiting for this as some of the tunes were sought after for a long time.
If rumours are true, Commix are working on a new album, which should see the day of light later this year. Referring to some interviews the boys have given, the album may be even more a mixture of tempos and styles than "Call to Mind" has been. We will keep our eyes open.

Dusted LP will be out March 5th on Metalheadz.

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