09 / 02 / 2012 MONSTA 


Talking to dubstep-heads of the deeper and darker corner of their genre about upcoming or fresh talents, i'm pretty sure one name would be mentioned over and over again: Biome.

The Manchester based dj and producer is without a doubt one of the most promising newcomers at the moment.
His tracks are what dubstep is all about: badass drum kicks, snapping snares and dark, sometimes even melancholic, midranges, all merged by a heavyweight sub bass.
His tunes take you on a journey through mysterious soundscapes and once you're caught in the flow, they don't let you go so easy, whether you're on a sweaty dancefloor or just relaxing on your couch.

One of his first well known supporters was the mighty Youngsta, who played these tracks in his weekly radioshow on Rinse Fm, followed by countless other big artists like Kryptic Minds, Mala or Vivek.
Up to now, he already released on some top-notch labels such as Osiris, Black Box, Biscuit Factory or his latest EP 'Minus/Moody' on M.U.D., that came out on the 9th of january. Not to forget that he has lots of hot new stuff in the pipe for the near future.

So keep your eyes peeled for more cutting-edge dubstep by this genius!

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