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Legendary drum and bass pioneer label Metalheadz, is just a few weeks away from releasing its 100th record. As it is a milestone for any label, there have been a lot of rumours about what this release is going to be.
18 years after Metalheadz 001 (Doc Scotts 'Drumz VIP' backed with Goldies 'Riders Ghosts VIP') sees the day of light, the labelboss himself takes care of business again. Coming up with a one-sided etched vinyl, this release is set up to be a symbol for what the classical Metalheadz sound stands for: atmospheric, futuristic and hard beats, that still got soul.
'Freedom', featuring the vocal talent of Natalie Duncan, shows the musical idea of an artist, who always stayed true to his sound.
Covering a music genre where everything tends to get bigger and heavier, Metalheadz is one of a few labels, that shows in many occasions that less can be more.
A lot of people give Goldie the credit of having invented dnb as we know it. We don't want to judge about that, but he is undoubtable the most iconic figure within the dnb scene. Hopefully Metalheadz will provide us with a lot more quality realeases in the future.
Metalheadz 100 will be available April 2nd 2012.

Goldie - Freedom Feat. Natalie Duncan - MISTA JAM WORLD EXCLUSIVE by Metalheadz

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