18 / 03 / 2012 MIKE:L Review


Released a few weeks ago and still on top in my (virtual) dj bag - as well as on my ipod - this one just has to be mentioned here.

Sabre, Stray and Halogenix teamed up for Critical's first release in 2012 and created a two tracker which has everything you need for a proper listening experience.

Their first track "Oblique" features New York based singer/songwriter Frank Carter III and is one of that tunes which are just something special. Smooth, atmospheric and laid back sounds backed up by a refreshing drumandbass beat with Frank Carter's vocals on top create this amazing soundscape. Timeless tune.

With "St Clair" on the flipside, the trio delivers a solid techy roller with some nice vocal cuts and FX in the front. Quality drumandbass which should get any club bouncing.

And as if this wouldn't be enough, Critical Music also got Manchester's Synkro to do a downbeat Remix of "Oblique". Same smoothness as the original, this one comes with the digital release only and is with around 130bpm even more laid back.

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