20 / 03 / 2012 MONSTA Review


3 years after Pinch released the last compilation on his Tectonic label, he comes up with 'Tectonic Plates Volume 3'.
This year's compilation, out on march 19th, features 13 tracks, available on vinyl, mp3 and CD.

The label absolutely remains true to their ideals in releasing future thinking music, that doesn't stick to one specific genre. 13 different artists make this opus something really special in every way.
With contributions from Kryptic Minds, Addison Groove, 2562 or Pinch himself there are a bunch of artists included, who already did some bits for the Bristol based label in the past. But you can find the names of Tectonic debutants and breakthrough artists like Goth Trad, Kevin McPhee or OM Unit on the tracklist aswell.

The whole compilation can be described as a dubstep/techno-crossover with influences from house and UK funky...so let's better call it bass music...and it's covering every hole of it!
From heavy weight 2-step stompers to crisp funky techno beats, to even experimental melancholic pieces, you can find everything on it.
There's just one thing all these tunes have in common: quality!

So it's really worth to check this one out...

1. Kryptic Minds - The Talisman
2. Addison Groove - Phantom
3. Tunnidge - Universal
4. Pinch - Blow Out The Candle
5. Goth Trad - Mach
6. Clue Kid - Evolution
7. Roska - 480 BC
8. Monky - Float
9. Ginz - Chrome
10. OM Unit - Preshah
11. Kevin McPhee - Outs
12. Illum Sphere - Promise A Secret
13. 2562 - Rogue State


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